A downloadable project for Windows

Thesis -

I created an immersive, narrative based and UI driven game that gives the player a sense of familiarity and unease, influencing the player to explore the game for hidden information.

Factsheet -

Developer: Seth McKenna
Committee Members: Debi Belt, Tony Calabro, Scott Lax, Jared Bendis, Robert Brown, & Abbie Kays
Genre: Immersive interface-heavy narrative 
Platform: Windows PC

Description  -

As an avid fan of Peri Becker, a famous internet personality with a popular online baking show, you make it your mission to know everything about her. You keep up to date with all her latest videos, run a decently popular fan blog dedicated to her, and have become a pretty good at-home baker thanks to following her tutorials to the “T”.  

Logging into your personal pc, you see a notification on your News4U app and decide to clear the notification by opening the article.  The title reads, “Another Teen Missing, Could This Be The Work Of A Serial Killer?” and you tilt your head, noticing the date, time, and place of the homicide.  You quickly open your minimized BakeryBundle application and look at Peri’s most recent video.  She had filmed that video at the same location on the same date, and the guest on her show that day was...no...could Peri be…?

It's up to YOU to find out what this parallel means...

Features -

  • Explore the desktop applications: a messaging app, an internet browser, a news app, and a video sharing app!
  • Learn more about Peri and her connection to these homicide cases. 
  • Search your files and apps for clues and passwords to access more information and content!

      View my presskit for the game here

      Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
      Average sessionA few seconds


      PerisPerishablesExacutable.zip 21 MB

      Install instructions

      This is currently a rough version of the game with the layout of the menus and some functionality. 

      There is no way to close the game except through the task manager.